The Dream of a Modern Palace

The leaders of construction industry are consistently innovating and adapting to the changing demands of the new and modern consumer. The 21st century consumer or global citizen is aware and clear about what they want to call their home. With increasing per capita income and spending on different aspects of lifestyle and other investments, the imagination and demands of the consumers for a bigger and better home is also increasing. The concept of home has a bigger and more opulent dimension now.

New Definition of Luxurious Home

The modern day concept of luxury is very different from the 20th century definition of luxury homes. Today, the modern citizen and global families want to live a life which has every component of a holistic and contemporary lifestyle. From environmental sustainability to security systems to state-of-the-art architectural spaces, the modern palatial home offers everything one can imagine and more.

Elements of Luxury

With the new concepts of a luxury home comes different elements of luxury for the modern families.

Luxurious Architectural Appeal

The most striking and important feature of a luxurious home that consumers look for is the overall look and appeal of their new home. It should be visually striking and alluring which can justify their investment in an instant.


With the rise of consciousness about environment concerns, modern families are looking for homes which will environmentally justify their cost of construction and maintenance.

The consumers are investing in residential properties that are constructed with environmentally sustainable practices and can function with sustainable lifestyle.

Lavish Lifestyle. Lavish Spending.

Gone are those days, where consumers built homes which lacked elegance and classy appeal. Today, consumers are looking for homes which are not imprudent for their budget and can give their family a holistic present and future.

Modern Architectural Techniques

The onus of creating a modern luxurious residence for a modern family lies on the shoulders of a modern architect and construction companies.

Nowadays, the construction companies are investing in designs which are cognizant of the contemporary demands of the consumer and lead to a better and luxurious lifestyle. The construction companies are investing in construction techniques that help create a better world and lifestyle for everyone. With the changing definition of luxury, contemporary construction companies are incorporating their experience and expertise to create a modern-day luxurious residential space.

The following techniques are being employed by the construction companies these days to achieve the objective:

Green Building and Sustainable Materials

Construction companies are consistently investing in new and more sustainable construction materials which will not generate a negative externality during the construction of a luxurious residence.

Use of material like bamboo, recycled material and installing systems like water harvesting and green terraces enable a better lifestyle for the consumer and a better future for the environment.

Enabling Technology in Daily Lifestyle

From security to doors and gates, new luxury demands the use of technology at a micro and a macro level. With the use of automation systems, the residential properties, nowadays are enabled with a faster and safer lifestyle which adds to the luxury of everyday life by giving the homeowners a peace of mind.

With a changing society, we at Alok Infracon have been successful in creating a world and new generation opulent residences which have redefined the expectation and dreams of the consumer.