The Age of Sustainability and the Construction Industry

Our earth is changing fast and the environment is getting affected faster due to all the anthropogenic activities. Every action of human beings affects nature and the atmosphere in many ways. Our activities for the development and progress of our society lead to consequences both negative and positive.

The biggest impact is faced by our earth. The air, soil, plants, water, and every other element of nature gets affected by one action or a chain of actions set by one activity. From factories set up to provide consumer goods to oil drilling, every activity has a significant impact on our environment.

One of the most important parts of our lives, our homes and the construction of our home has a significant impact on the environment during day-to-day life as well as construction.

The Need and Benefits of Sustainable Material

The eco-friendly movement and the pressure on the capitalist world to develop a greener world have incentivized construction companies to invest in sustainable processes as well as sustainable materials. Apart from the global pressure on the companies to create a sustainable world, the industry has many other incentives to switch to sustainable materials for creating construction marvels.

Safe and Fresh Atmosphere

The use of eco -friendly materials for construction gives the homeowners a better air and environment inside their homes. The sustainable and green materials are also resistant to moisture and thus, need less maintenance. It leads to low levels of toxicants in the indoor environment.

Energy Efficient

Sustainable materials use less amount of energy when used for construction. It saves the earth from pollution and rising bills of power.

Highly Durable

The sustainable materials that are created these days with the progress in technology are highly durable and last much longer than the conservative materials.

Cost Efficient

The cost of construction reduces heavily with the use of sustainable materials which are produced by the use of locally available materials. This reduces both transportation and energy costs.

Latest Sustainable Materials used in the Construction Industry

With the great and faster advancement in technology, the construction industry is improving at an expedited pace and investing heavily in researching and creating the most sustainable materials to use. Some of the most popular sustainable materials used are:


The durability and flexibility of Cork make it a very attractive option to use for construction. It is used rampantly to create the indoor interiors because of its elasticity and strength which improves the durability of the structures.


This is one of the materials that can be re-used because it can get replanted. It helps in the framing during construction. Due to the nature of the material of Straw, it can be used to create rooms with a cooler temperature.

Reclaimed Wood

Using Reclaimed Wood helps in saving the heavy deforestation. It helps in creating sturdier and stronger structures. It is also chosen due to its lighter weight.

Foam- Plant-based

Plant-based Foam can be used for insulation purposes for the construction of buildings. It also offers high resistance to heat and pests. This makes it a very good material to use and it reduces the maintenance cost for the homeowners.

Timber Concrete

This is an excellent material to use for construction. It can be transformed into different shapes. It is much lighter in weight which makes it easy to transport. It is made up of Sawdust and Concrete. The Sawdust can be reused and reduce wastage and harmful toxins.

Alok Infracon and Sustainability

Alok Infracon has built a reputation for creating stellar construction marvels with absolutely ethical practices and a keen focus on sustainability and eco-friendly processes. We understand the urgent need for the industry to invest heavily in materials and processes which promote a healthier environment. Alok Infracon is completely invested in creating an eco-friendlier world with sustainable inputs.