Safety and Health at Work: The Cornerstone of a Solid Foundation

The theme for National Safety Week campaign 2022 is "Nurture young minds - Develop safety culture."

Every year, the National Safety Council of India (NSC) publishes the theme of National Safety Day and urges organizations to lead the safety campaign to educate people about industrial safety. This year, the National Safety Council of India announced the theme for National Safety Day 2022 as "Nurture young minds - Develop safety culture."

On March 4, National Safety Day is also celebrated as the founding day of the Indian National Safety Council (NSC). The first National Safety Day (NSD) Campaign was launched in 1972 and has been held annually. March 4, 2022 is the 51th campaign and continues to grow into a major national campaign which is widely celebrated by industry, unions, government departments, regulatory agencies, NGOs and institutions with the active support of central governments and states and the media. It had an impact on the industrial scenario at the national level by contributing to increased awareness of safety and reduction of accidents. Although the name is National Safety Day, March 4, but the safety awareness campaign including raising awareness among workers, community, school, organizing safety posters and slogan competitions, safety demonstrations and many other safety campaigns are organized for a week from March 4th to 10th.

Companies across the globe work on Safety and Health conditions and amenities for workers in different ways according to the industry they work in. The emphasis of Safety at workplace gets amplified in the Infrastructure Construction and Realty Sector due to the precarious nature of work which is carved out for construction teams. The most reliable companies stress heavily on creating a glitch-free setup for workers to work with zero stress. Different companies take up different practices to ensure a healthier and safer work environment.

To promote and develop Safety and Health at Workplace, we have to take care of the workers at three different levels: Physical Health, Mental Health and Financial Health. They should be secure in every way a healthy individual needs to be, so as to live a complete life.

A few good companies have built a strong, ethical and safe foundation for a good and healthy workplace for all their workers. These companies are able to factor in all the components necessary to create a safe and healthy work environment. A place where prevention is invested heavily and the dynamic conditions of the fast-paced world is factored in to maintain a healthy and safe workforce.

For example, a safe Infrastructure for workers in the construction and infrastructure industry is not enough. The leadership needs to focus on sudden global shifts like widespread outbreak of a virus like COVID-19. The management needs to develop practices that not only prevent hazards but also deal with accidents and damages that occur with no notice.

Another crucial component of creating a safe work environment is paying attention to the changing needs of global environmental challenges and adapt to practices that promote a more sustainable development. For example, using materials that is healthy for the environment and climate while constructing infrastructure for a large project.

One of the examples of reliable companies promoting the health of workers as well as environment is Alok Infracon. Alok has invested in not only creating a reduction target of Greenhouse Gases Emissions but also works towards recycling waste so as to not burden landfills and reduce the extent of hazard that the construction work might create as a side effect.

Alok Infracon believes that Safety is not Expensive, it's Priceless. Keeping in line with this ideology, Alok has invested heavily in Safety and Health of its workforce. They have built a vision of Zero Loss-No Harm. They believe in growing with absolutely Zero harm to the construction workers and other employees and making sure that they don't suffer any loss which might affect the workforce, financially.

This holistic concept of growing a business and creating a reliable brand displays an ambitious leadership which is working towards a world engineered with Ethical Values intact.

Alok Infracon has displayed its dedication towards Safety and Health at Workplace which matches international standards and sets up a stellar example of how companies should manage resources to create an environment which is Healthy and Safe, both financially and physically.

Alok Infracon takes every step towards global excellence with its ethical core intact and foundation of integrity and innovation, in place.