Building a Sustainable & Green World

The world is facing extraordinary circumstances and dynamic environmental scenarios every minute of the day. From governments to big multinational companies to small start-ups, everyone is focusing on developing and building a world that is a big step towards a sustainable way of development.

Out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 7 SDGs are directly related to impacting the infrastructure of our world in a way that enables sustainable growth. A special reference should be made to SDG 9: Building Resilient Infrastructure, Sustainable Industrialization and fostering Innovation. International organizations like the UN have adopted serious and motivated steps like SDGs, towards a sustainable future with a sustainable building of global Infrastructure.

With global institutions taking such drastic steps and involving countries across the globe, it is imperative to focus on the goal of achieving a world where entrepreneurs, as well as big business groups, focus on building sustainable real estate across the world. The outlook of builders and construction companies should be futuristic and based on infrastructure designed for the long-term well-being of the environment.

The design of the building has taken different shapes and sizes over the years with an increased level of sensitivity towards the environment and sustainability. Even the material used for construction is also innovative and evolving with new practices and research. The new inputs have helped in developing residential and infrastructure projects which serve both the customer's happiness and the environment's happiness.

With an ever-growing population and expansion of global infrastructure, the Construction and Realty Industry is looking for ways to develop infrastructure that can flourish the world with the much-needed sustainability in the product as well as productivity. Even the material used in construction is suited to sustainable practices.

The reason behind a trend and current need to stress Sustainable Development in the construction and Real Estate Industry is since the traditional methods of construction is focused on comfort, look, appeal and not using sustainable materials.

Not only the material but also the quantity of material used for construction and building infrastructure is also a huge contributing factor to environmental degradation. Due to this, the current definition of a Sustainable Design for Sustainable Development is maximising the potential of the project, avoiding over exploiting Natural Resources. Due to this reason, Innovation has become imperative to the field of Sustainable framework to contribute towards building a more sustainable world.

One of the big advantages of Sustainable residential designs is that it encourages every construction company to use a material that is sustainable in composition and work towards the most optimized state of being for the community as well as the environment.

Because buildings and infrastructure need the usage of a large amount of energy. From building and designing the best infrastructure, every step involves the use of a lot of money capital as well as environmental capital. Also, constructed buildings tend to emit a lot of greenhouse gases which adversely affects the environment.

Apart from using a lot of water and emitting greenhouse gases, construction companies also feel the burden of conserving water.

These are some of the most important reasons why the global community is stressing building infrastructure with sustainable solutions and adapting to a more trendy style of practices based on maximising Sustainable Development.

To build a constructive and sustainable infrastructure in the world, different companies have adopted different construction techniques that promote sustainability. Many new practices have been devised to enable sustainable development through the construction industry like:

  • Cutting of materials in a way that minimises waste
  • Recycling the waste, correctly
  • Reuse old buildings
  • Conserve Energy by building Green Buildings

Another method of practising sustainability in construction is through the materials that are composed. These materials have a lower carbon footprint and enable a clean and greener environment.

One of the most recent and valuable ways of building a more sustainable world is the usage of institutional rating systems like LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. It has been widely adopted by companies to keep their work no greener side.

Other initiatives like NZEB: Net Zero Energy Building, which is a network of innovators help the companies stay green and clean. On similar lines, other programmes like Living Building Challenge help in developing a clean and sustainable world.

With the help and inspiration of initiatives and agendas based on Sustainable Development, upcoming and giant construction companies are trying to ace the world of Sustainable Development in the world of the Construction Industry.

To create a new legacy of Sustainable Excellence and Develop the infrastructure for a beautifully sustainable world, the team of Alok Infracon is striving hard with talent and innovation to design every new project.