Blending Technology in the World of Construction

In the world of constructing dream homes, multi-functional office spaces and architectural marvel, the most important exponent is Technology. Every era observes new technology, its development and effect on the world of construction industry. Construction giants use technology to up the ante and stand out from the mediocre with exceptional designs and quality of structures.

However, the most important and defining feature of exceptional organisations in the construction industry is their conscious and meticulous attention to the safety and health of the workforce and using technology to not only create marvellous structures but also improving the safety and work infrastructure of the labour force.

The hallmark of an ethical and successful business group involved in the industry of construction is that it believes in investing in latest technology to develop a new world with their work and create a safe and improved habitat for their workforce to thrive in.

Robotics meet Construction

The most important and foremost is the Increase in Safety for the on-site construction workers. The introduction of robotics will lead to a safer and stress free work environment for the labour force. The second big advantage is a huge saving in time consumed by the labour force in the repetitive tasks on the site. It will also reduce the risk of errors and fatal errors that puts the workers at risk. The use of robotics through Collaborative Robots will automate many tasks which induce excess fatigue like bricklaying, welding, painting etc. Robotics can ease the workload of labour by assisting in movement of heavy materials and equipment on-site.

Robotics in the industry will basically ease the life of the labour force, put them at a much safer situation, save a lot of time and reduce risks associated with human and fatal errors. Using Robotics will be a Win-Win for the management and the workforce.

Building a Green World

The evolution of Construction Industry involves keeping up with the evolution of the methods to build a green life for the world and Climate Safe world for future generations. Sustainability has been taken very seriously by construction giants to create a work agenda to work on projects that will lead to a greener and environment friendly construction process and investing in projects which promote a Green and Clean world.

Many responsible and environment conscious corporations design projects which are focussed on building Green Buildings which optimise energy consumption. The idea is to create Net-Zero Carbon Emission structures. The industry giants also strive to achieve institutional credibility by working towards getting certifications like LEED i.e. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which is awarded by Green Building Council. Most of the Credible construction companies invest in using Advanced Materials which are also LEED certified. The concept of Living Construction Material is also gaining a lot of ground and speed in the industry. Companies are seriously investing in this kind of construction material because Cement production in itself account for 8% of Global Carbon Dioxide emission.

The major construction giants are actually investing in concrete material that is self-replicating and the concept of Bio-cement which is self-mending is also being invested in.

3-D dimension for the Construction Industry

Another important area where construction companies are heavily investing is the concept of 3-D Printing. It's an extremely efficient and time saving method of construction. Construction printer develop components of building and help the architects and builders visualise the design well. It helps in reducing waste, uses lesser labour resource and reduce the chances of human error by giving a near perfect idea of the layout of the construction project.

Automated Monitoring of the Whole Construction Process

Keeping in mind the large and spacious layout of construction projects, the companies are investing in streamlining the monitoring of projects through Drone-based monitoring with thermal sensor and other latest equipment. Like HD cameras and AI based equipment like facial recognition etc. It also helped in detecting errors and correcting them with minimum resources and risk. To add to this, companies are also interested in Geographic Information System (GIS)- based analytical software which can decrease manual labour and cost associated with risk.

It helps in automating the whole chain of manufacturing of construction material to building the final construction project.

The latest trends and technology need to be incorporated with stellar ethical values and ambitious intention to build a world of construction which will raise the bar of quality of services, finish of the final project and improve the lives of the whole workforce.

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