Alok Infracon envisions a complete innovative solution which provides services at the highest quality but the lowest impact on the environment with the existing bottlenecks.


Our mission is to build a robust structure for every client, but more importantly, we work to build a strong team and work culture. We are on a path of continuous improvement and work to become the industry leader in construction and engineering.

Core Values

Alok Infracon aims to become the go-to engineering solutions provider company in the country. While we work to get there, our core set of values are meant to drive us in the right direction.

  • Improve Continuously

    We believe in evolution, and that’s why we learn, grow, and become better everyday.

  • Challenges are Welcome

    Alok Infracon always welcomes a challenge with open arms but also holds the grit to find a solution no matter the stakes.

  • Doing Things Right

    Integrity, honesty, and responsibility are at the core of our work culture.

  • State of the Art Technology

    A company that believes in continuous improvement will always use the latest technology for every process.

  • Hyper-Scalable Solutions

    Our solutions are always easy to scale as per requirements. We think about the future while working on every project.

  • Work for Customers

    Our sole purpose is to help our customers get the best results possible with complete transparency.

Our History

It has been four decades since Alok Infracon lit up the first bulb in their office. Today, we are housed with some of the most talented people in the construction industry, working together to build a better future for our clients.

Our journey began with industrial magnates like Arvind Mills, Paras Pharmaceuticals, Birla Cellulose, New Shorrock Mills, Torrent Power, Constantia Parikh, Harsha Engineers, and Torrent Pharmaceuticals. Working together as a family with distinct interests but a common goal to help build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Throughout the years, we have respected, followed, and innovated constructional engineering processes to deliver results. Driven by our three core values of customer centricity, technology-driven, and hyper scalability, we are moving forward and achieving new feats day by day.

Our Confederates

Alok Infracon has an amazing journey of quadragenarian years in operational experience and expertise. We have built a great rapport in the industry and made several confederates across the globe. We take pride in our position today and hope to improve moving forward.